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The Commercial Appeal - Good news: Architect's passion for building goes beyond property to character, lives


Michael Walker builds houses and office buildings. He has built characters as an actor on stage and backdrops for those characters to move around. And he's helping build self-esteem and future success for a handful of young men at Manassas High School, both on and off the football field, as a volunteer coach and mentor.

Walker is the owner of Walkerarch LLC. Even as a child, the drawing, designing and creativity of his craft piqued his interest.

"We lived in a lot of new neighborhoods because of the moving (when his father was transferred for work), so I was always around construction and loved seeing things being built," he said. "As a kid, I was always building stuff or always had a project going of some sort, whether it was building a fort or models."

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Memphis Daily News - Respected Architect Ventures Out


A period of self-examination often accompanies the prospect of changing jobs, however frightening or thrilling - or a little of both - the opportunity seems. And it isn't difficult to imagine what might have run through the mind of architect Michael Walker when he recently left his job at the firm JBHM Architects.

Already, he's been the master builder of a life in full. A college football athlete under University of Michigan coaching legend Bo Schembechler, an occasional actor and artist as well as a professional architect, Walker has done a little bit of everything, it seems.

Now that he's decided to go into business for himself - launching his own company, WalkerArch - the well-rounded life of a respected member of Memphis' architecture community is about to get richer still.

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